White’s V3i Finds My Oldest Button – Treasure Hunting at a New Site

Back out at the new site. I was shocked to find lots of relics. I don’t think this site has been metal detected before, I found my oldest button – No coins.

Diggers, oh I’m out, and about really excited I’m at that new location. Where I found those buttons and Porsche you pretty excited. Let’s go see what we can find, here’s my first haul, what it is! It’s a square nail! You know how I like square nails.

That’s awesome like to thank all of our new subscribers. Thank you so much for watching our videos. Thank you for the support of our existing subscribers. Let’s go digs that It’s pretty neat relic. Until that was hand forged that’s awesome. Using the v3 I today I’ve got that small coil on back, taking it nice and slow just to work this area along here and I’m finding a fair few square nails, I’m just taking it easy made, no hurry. It’s a beautiful day thing was deep. You ready! I’m so excited, I know, he’s just got a little sneak, peek of it right there.

I think that is the oldest button. I’ve ever found look at it and There’s another signal in the hole I’m so excited awesome. I love it right next to it. Well, not next to it, but o V over here. The button was over here, the square. No, so I don’t know much about bullets. Is this old that doesn’t have a primer thing at the back? It looks like It’s rimfire there are no markings. I can see that It’s pretty cool-looking I’d love to know if you, if you have any information on that, please just leave a comment. Help me out a little bit. I’d appreciate it at first.

I thought this was a poll tab, but It’s not! A little buckle and all you’re saying It’s not spud digger, It’s just It’s a pole tap, but It’s really not. It is a buckle that is great, just there, just not very deep. Look at this you’re thinking! Oh, that’s kind of boring, but wait There’s more and It’s got some writing on it. It says X, L, and T. that’s neat some fancy! that’s awesome! Shotgun headstamp, really, not sure if this spot has ever been metal detected. Look at that nice relic well spot diggers. Thank you so much for watching this adventure. Thank you so much. This is my last hole and, of course, It’s just the casing. Til next time, happy hunting and good luck.

Jason Smith

Former Marine, IT Guy & Builder of Websites.  I have 5 US states left to visit. I enjoy hot springs, adventures, hiking, photography, sci-fi, wine, coffee & whiskey.  I am fluent in sarcasm, name that tune, & speak in movie quotes.  I spend most of my time building websites, fixing computers, metal detecting, magnet fishing, and gaming occasionally.

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