White’s GMX and 24k All 4 Coils Tested – Tested 4 Gold Nuggets Buried in Highly Mineralized Ground

We took the White’s 24k and GMX and ALL 4 interchangeable coils and tested them on 4 different sized Gold nuggets buried in the Mojave Desert (which is highly mineralized). The results were surprising!

Jim McCauley just brought some of his gold that he’s found with whites metal detectors. This is just the sampling that he’s brought. This is the kind of stuff you can find with your GMX or your 24k. I just wanted to show you a couple of options here for the 24k and the GMX. All of these coils are interchangeable with each machine, so the 24k comes standard. With this 10 inch coil, they just came up with this 14 inch.

It’s fantastic and, of course, we know the six-inch round is fantastic as well: the GMX six-inch round and There’s a four by six. As I said, all of these coils are interchangeable. I think what we’re going to do now is while having that lunch, I’m gonna have Jim McCullough do a little test with all of these coils just to see how they perform for you guys. So you know what you’re getting so we’ve got some man Nuggets here.

What we’ve got is a quarter Greiner right here about 2,000 to the ounce. We’ve got a half a greener here about a thousand to the ounce. We’ve got a greener here, just under a green about 500 to the ounce and that’s a gram, but that’s a crystalline gold which is hard for most objectors, digitally all right so I’ll there put that on the screen. So hopefully we can see what It’s about, and this is the one I’m interested in this crystalline, so I’m just going to do a surface on all coils and then I’m going to put about an inch of dirt over the top.

These are all tailing piles. It is mineralized ground, balanced and we’ll see what happens. It’s I’m gonna crown balance. Let me show you what I’ve got set on. I’ve got it on audio boost. Okay, I have had no, I mean discrimination. My SAT is unnumbered too, and I’ve got a slight hum. You hear that I don’t want that. I want a slight hum on the threshold. Then I’ve ground balanced. I lock the ground balance. Now remember my little trick. I have got this ground balance offset to a number one.

Okay, all right. First, one up is the crystalline gold. Sensitivity is 10. That is the one that is the quarter green sensitivity. 10. I’m gonna knock this down now to sensitivity. 5. Okay, that’s reground balance! The way I do that is, if I’ve gotten locked here, hold this and the quarter green. Yes, it is getting it I’m right on top of it. Let me just try something for fun: I’m going to turn the sensitivity all the way to zero. Now all you metal detectors out there know that if you turn your sensitivity to zero technically, you should not find anything.

Okay, sensitivity is two double zero: all right, crystalline, gold, strong, that’s the one grant on zero. Half a grain, still picks up half a grain on zero, the quarter grain, It’s making the noise, but no VDI numbers. that’s fantastic! Okay! let’s do the same test with the 10-inch coil. So now the 24k is exactly the same operating system as the GMX. The only difference is the GMX is waterproof down to ten feet: okay, sensitivity: 10, the double D car, good, one grain off the grain. It’s having a little bit of a difficult time in that quarter.

Grin that’s why I think that’s six-inch round is a lot better: okay, sensitivity, v, one grain, sorry, half a grain quarter grin It’s picking it up, but very, very faint. Let’s do the same. Let’s try double zero. I love it picking it up. Nice offer grain. You notice on that six-inch round. It was a lot more clearer, half a grain still getting it, but very faint and quarter grain. Nothing will not anything at all. Okay! we’re going to put on the other coils, let’s see what happens, there see same settings. I’ve got this 4×6 coil. It is a double D and Craig actually mentioned something that this is highly mineralized ground, we’re in the Mojave Desert.

A double D will separate the mineralization a lot better than the concentric oil does. So there are some sacrifices that you will have if you do use a double D, this nothing wrong, one coil or another. You need to know your environment that you metal detect so that, if you’re out in the desert and the concentric is very loud switch to the four by six or the ten-inch or the fourteen-inch, depending on what you’re trying to do and achieve. So with that said, this is a double D four by six. This is the one grin. This is a very nice powerful grain and it still picks up the quarter. Grain very, very faint. Now I’m going to do sensitivity.

Five looks good on the one grain off a grain still gets that core degree nonsense at 75, which is good all right, double zero good on that Chris Lane still picks up the one grain off a grain beer. It’s making a noise, but not really in the quarter. Grain. that’s if your ground is really really hot, now, just to explain why I’m doing this, I do this on all of the metal detectors that I own, I always start off at sensitivity. Ten, let’s see how it performs, then I go to the sensor to beef. I see how it performs and then I do at the sensitive double zero just in case the ground is super hot. I know what I can do when I change the sensitivity of the Machine.

All right, one, the big member lekka this one, forty an inch for Graham coming up the at an angle here and then that is the quarter grain yep. It picks it up. Okay, changing now to sensitivity; five, just good on that one. It’s good on that! One grin good on that half a grain and it doesn’t rate well yep it just barely picks up that quarter. Grain all right back to double zero, again, picks that one up good yeah. I don’t know about that. One off a grain yeah. Maybe I just wasn’t swinging over that last one off a grain: yes and I’m hearing a tiny little noise, but it’s, I don’t think I’d just pass over that if I was metal detecting.

So that’s all the coils, I’m just going to take. I’m gonna put an inch of dirt over the top of all the Nuggets and then let’s see how it goes, I’m gonna just do it with the 14 inches and the four by six because I don’t bore you guys too much all right. So It’s about an inch shunt, that’s on that crystalline and just use my pinpoint It’s not scientific. So if you don’t like it deal with it, okay, this is the crystalline we’re gonna go through this really really quick sounds really really. You see the numbers alone. This is sensitively ten, barely picking up that quarter, grand alright sensitivity, five, barely picking up that one double zero, and this is an inch down.

Just let you know when I found my first nugget. It rang up is a zero two, which is a hot rock, and when I scraped down the numbers got higher. That told me it was a good target. So please do not go by the numbers. If you do get a low number on these machines scrape the earth down and if the number raises, then It’s a good target if it doesn’t and it moves out the way and It’s a zero. It’s probably a hot rock, ok, teen inch gone sensitivity. Ten actually seems to pick it up better the deeper it is on this one: [, Music, ], good, good, So those a little bit too close, I’m sorry. It still picks that up good, goes sensitivity: five, nice and tight good on the one.

Grand half a grain not really under the support with a quarter gram: double zero, big coils inch down; that’s fantastic! Get on that one be early on that one! Nothing on that one! So thanks for watching hope you didn’t fast-forward too much! I just wanted to have a bit of fun, see how deep we can go. So this is sensitivity 10 and It’s three inches of dirt. On top perfect sensitivity. 5, let me just straighten the coil: oh love it even as a sensitivity. Five, I’m still picking that up, let’s see double zero, no PDI numbers, let’s don’t pick it up! Oh, these numbers on zero.

These machines are fantastic. Alright, so you go and do the same test here. that’s why, whenever you get these low numbers on this machine, you’ve gotta scrape the earth down to move the mineralization with the soil, zero double zero. This might be the new coil I use now, I’m just gonna leave it on. that’s pretty impressive!

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