Took The White’s V3i Out To a Secret Location – Found Some Cool Treasures

Exploring a secret location with the White’s V3i. I am still getting used to this machine though I wasn’t disappointed with how it was performing.
I found some nice relics, a button, and a clad dime.

Hi Spud Diggers, I’m in a secret location, so I won’t be showing much of the horizon or anything like that. Just want to thank all our new subscribers. Thank you. So much really appreciate you subscribing to our channel thanks to our existing subscribers. Thank you for your support. I just want to wish everybody happy Easter.

I hope everybody’s safe at this kind of crazy time. With that said, let’s go dig got this real nice signal right. There wish me luck, okay, so It’s right there hold close to the surface fantastic I’ll let you see what it is. This is my first haul. I’m excited there. It just looks like a bullet. Oh, it’s. Nice first target not sure if that’s old, but I love it, I just I’ve just found a coin. What’s a time might be silver, nothing good! All right! I’m gonna clean it up and let you know what date it is well. That was disappointing.

You see the date coming through 1999 P, all right I’ll take it, though, just found a lot of bullets since I’ve been here, It’s fun just being out nice. Look at that really like that. It’s a pretty nice relic, I’m shaking! I just don’t believe it. What I found – oh that is beautiful, It’s an old button. I’ve just been pulling up tin cans, but this is wonderful. I don’t even know if It’s old, I don’t really care. I just love it. If you know your buttons, let me know what kind that is I’ll.

Do some research and see if I can find something that is wonderful. I don’t see any writing on the back. Let me take a little bit of a closer look, so I cleaned it up and there are no markings on the back. Oh, that’s beautiful! Look at that! You can almost imagine that was from you like a pair of spectacles, the clasp from some spectacles. I don’t know It’s pretty neat, though it all these in the Helms I found that’s crazy, see quite a lot tripe on my hand there for a reference, but look at that.

Well, that’s pretty cool. Let’s begin pretty late in the day, I’m gonna think around here for just a few more minutes to see what I can find, and then I’m gonna head out thanks for watching so far. Oh, look at that. I think It’s a piece of a pocket watch. Oh, Clark, I don’t know, but it was deep. What’s this? Oh, that’s cool nice. So right here was where that pocket watch item was right. There. that’s really neat, so this rock getting a signal under the rock and I’m thinking.

Oh, I hope It’s a coin, and even my pinpoint I picked it up. No, it was a button. It was round and I was all excited, but I’ll take a button any day. That is awesome, okay, so diggers. This is my last hole right there, I’ll dig it up I’ll show you what it is well there.

Jason Smith

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