The New White’s GMX Finds a Mysterious Token

Can you please help me identify this token? We have a fair idea of where it came from, but other than that nothing else. We did find some nice relics also. Thanks for watching!

I guess one out and about day two we’re gonna – do some relic hunting. I’m gonna try that GMX, okay, yes, Billy surface, find look at that. that’s pretty cool yeah, hopefully we’ll find some stuff and worth Jim McCulloch and Greg thanks for watching videos. Let’s go dig.

I’d say I’ve got my GMX set up. I’ve cut the iron discrimination this button here I should hold it, and this flash is up there. I’ve got it unstuck. Really you want to try and get rid of all that as much iron as possible. I’ve got that 4×6 coil. Oh, I really want to see how it does with relics, but what I found this was the first signal. I thought it was a button, but it might be a little tack. Don’t really know, that’s cool I’ll, probably give this about an hour hour and a half and then switch on over to the MXT.

The second target. It’s pretty cool, just found this cool casing. It’s rimfire, It’s not very big and It’s got the words PE and then an X behind it soup X, so soup 10. It’s pretty cool, howdy token. If the GMX said It’s just a gold machine, it is amazing. I can’t even read it. I found about 20 of those it is said to come from Santa Cruz, California, Santa Cruz, California, here’s the thing I found all kinds of them here. I have a feeling. This is an unknown token from an area that nobody’s definitely proven ninety-two.

So I have melt detected with the 24k in a park, and coins normally ring up on IDs. So that sounds really good, see what it is. Just in this area, I’m gonna pause you right there it is a shotgun head stamp. I just love this hobby. Look at that and then like this is where my hole was and then right next to it on the surface, that is just unbelievable. Somebody was telling me that this place has been met with detected out found a token within twenty-thirty minutes. Some really really cool relics, there’s a lot of trash and you just have to be patient.

A lot of people aren’t I’m finding some awesome things. Look at this. I haven’t found one for a while. You can find the patent date and then on this little twisty thing here. It’s all bent up I’ll, have a look at it and see what it says, but It’s very, very fragile. That is awesome yeah. I can’t get a date on it. It’s really really neat. Look how cool that is. I wish I’d found the whole complete thing, but look at that, so I’ve switched over to the MXT good luck and It’s all the way sharpened down to that point.

Winds picking up, so It’s a super awesome button at first. I thought it was a coin. Oh so it says crown it looks like the brand and that might be just through real and I don’t know what the middle of it is, but It’s pretty cool hi. This is my last haul. It’s still pretty windy found attack.

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