Never Before Metal Detected Secret Site Near Boise – Fisher F75

I can’t believe I found a site that has never been metal detected just outside of Boise, Idaho. I just stumbled upon it by accident. I found some really cool relics! No coins.

Hello Spud Diggers – I can’t believe it. I’ve stumbled across a site that has not been metal detected. I had a cool intro, all setup, showed the location and I thought whoa wait a minute. I just need to protect this site, I’m finding some cool things. I’ve got the fisher, then new, pick that I’m trying out I’ve got the f75 with the small coil and I’m finding some cool things enjoy the video. So oh, this is promising.

I want to thank new subscribers for watching our videos. Thank you to our existing subscribers. Let’s go dig like what I’ve just found. I love it. Oh, that is fantastic right here in my secret garden of goodness, I love it. Look at that! that’s what I’m talking about! I’m on the relics! Sweet! Oh, look at this. I love finding horseshoes, and this is where that other item was right there and this oh, this is not being detected. I am so stinking excited. Look at this. that’s sweet, I’m on some nice stuff. Here, I’m on some relics. It’s never been metal detected. It’s fantastic!

Look at this – oh I love it. I could spend a week here. So I’m sorry if you were expecting the location I’ve edited. All of that out. This is awesome. Get this surface find It’s an old, It’s an old spring, mattress, I’m on an old site. that’s awesome is look at that. that’s awesome! Oh, this is a really really really cool secret sight. I love it. I love it. I think It’s an old tobacco tin, nice. They used to put coins in there and hide them. that’s awesome. I can’t believe it. I just found another horseshoe.

I can’t believe it no way. I think I might have found an old dump site right here found some broken glass, oh no, where that is awesome, but diggers. This is my last hole. that’s kind of what happens when It’s 10 It bounces around a lot. Let’s see if I can do a live, dig, I don’t know the last hole, let’s try it. Oh, It’s right there. What is it I don’t know?

Let’s see the ground is extremely easy to dig up. My pinpoint is even excited too. You see it is oh. I found it. Oh, come on. Look at that for my last hole, that’s fantastic! It’s a snap for some overalls! Happy hunting and good luck.

Jason Smith

Former Marine, IT Guy & Builder of Websites.  I have 5 US states left to visit. I enjoy hot springs, adventures, hiking, photography, sci-fi, wine, coffee & whiskey.  I am fluent in sarcasm, name that tune, & speak in movie quotes.  I spend most of my time building websites, fixing computers, metal detecting, magnet fishing, and gaming occasionally.

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