Looking For Treasure Near Idaho City, Idaho – MXT All Pro 24k

What a great adventure metal detecting near Idaho City! We found some cool relics, no coins.

Hello Spud Diggers – I’m with Scooter we’re heading up to a secret spot via Idaho City, actually we’re past Idaho City on this nice cool road, hi, spread diggers were here. Oh I’m, so excited about opium Hills right on over there. I’m here with the scooter yes time to giggle one, thank you to new subscribers thanks to our existing subscribers. We really appreciate your support.

Let’s go dig, so I’ve got a good signal here. This is my first target got the MXT with that small coil sounds great, see. What’s in here, It’s putting a chain to the surface, It’s probably a piece of tin right. There shouldn’t try and do a live. Dig. Let’s see there, it is yep there. It is a piece of tin, well, I’m gonna metal detect around here a little bit scooters over there. This looks like a great place. The reason they call it opium hill is because they pulled out four or five opium tins just right down here. So that’s why they call it opium hill, so this here is opium hill.

You can tell where the guys have been digging. I decided just to come on this side and look what I did. Look what I found. Oh, that’s awesome, plus right in this area found this. Apparently, this is kind of the color of what those opium tins were sore last Richie-rich. When I see him, I’m not quite sure if this is one of them. No writing. I don’t think nope. No! Writing on it, unfortunately, but It’s still cool it could be the bottom piece. Here’s the sides There’s part of the edge where it would have wrapped around very cool, very cool thanks brother checking in with scooter what he found. that’s Coleman, yeah picks.

Do you think I don’t know if me look yeah, I don’t know yeah that’s cool. This is kind of cool that was near a bucket. I could be on it on the end of the bucket for the handle for the handle yeah, nice man. Let’s try out that of the spot switched over to the 24k There’s a little bit of gold out here. So I thought I’d just check it out, but look at how deep that 6-inch round Corliss It’s a pretty big target. It’s a can hanging up in the 88 10 inches deep and it just sounded like it was like really close to the surface. So It’s a great rolling machine as well as a gold machine.

So right down here, look at this. I’ve got on those fancy. Dancy, marble detectors only joking. There was a bullet casing just right there, and this was right next to it. that’s awesome, Oh guys, that what’s good, as you know what this is right. No, you don’t that’s a horse bit! Okay, so this week on the horse’s mouth, the reins would go over here. So that’s how I found one of those four that’s awesome, and this, I believe, is a crucible that is fantastic, of course, more square nails and a shovel well-done brother. Yes, I just found an awesome relic look at this whoa.

I have no idea what it is, but It’s mine and I’m excited that is fantastic. If you know what this is or what it was used for. Please leave a comment. Help me out. Thank you. So much It’s good. I found that’s awesome, but look what I found yeah. that’s heavy farts! Wait! that’s awesome! Well spread tickets! This is my last haul. Thank you for watching. We really appreciate it. I can’t believe at peace of ten nearly blew. My ear is off till next time: happy hunting and good luck.

Jason Smith

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