Looking For Treasure In Idaho With The MXT All Pro

A beautiful day looking for treasures in Idaho; unfortunately, all we found was relics. No coins.

Hello Spud Diggers – I’m out and about and with the Aero Honda we’re going on a little excursion. Let’s go see what we can find. Hi Spartacus. Thank you for watching our videos. We really really appreciate it thanks to our new subscribers. Thanks to our existing subscribers, we just hit ground for a signal right there. I don’t know what it is. Let’s find out. Well there, it is casing, not very old. Pretty excited to be outdoor beautiful day got the MXT with me today edge It’s just a beautiful day today.

Look at this great scenery, don’t know if you can see down there find him there. Yes, IRA Hunter. I call him that, because he hunts with a bow and arrow, so we changed locations just too many bullets. Look at this beautiful old square. Now, that’s a pretty big one. You know I like finding square nails. You know that this sites got to be pretty old. I’m gonna stick around here for a little bit, hopefully we’ll find some good stuff found.

An old rabbit always gives me hope, because when It’s this small and it rings up true, you know that the place isn’t hunted out nice, nice old, bullet nice. I can’t believe it. I think this one is really really old. Just have the rings on it and it looks like It’s hollow on the back yeah. I don’t know if you can see the Rings all other better. There that’s cool. I found one very similar to this. When I was out at pound the ground.

It’s now called dig stock. I couldn’t believe it. This is sweet here in Idaho, so I pulled this out. I thought. Oh, It’s just a shotgun head stamped, but look at the date. I don’t if you can make it out: let’s wait at the top there yeah 1901 I’ll love it well. That must been scared. I just found another one: 1901 shotgun head stamp, not too far away from the other one and There’s lots of tin.

I don’t know if you can see that over there, but I’m pretty excited. I don’t believe it just found another one. 1901, that’s three of those! that’s where that one is the other. One was just right here about two feet: away: 18:01, alright. So that was the second one. I found the third one right here and I just checked over here. that’s the fourth one 1901.

I wish there were coins, but still I love relics and that’s pretty neat but diggers. This is my last hole right there, thanks for watching, let’s see what it is well there. It is thanks for watching til next time, happy hunting and good luck.

Jason Smith

Former Marine, IT Guy & Builder of Websites.  I have 5 US states left to visit. I enjoy hot springs, adventures, hiking, photography, sci-fi, wine, coffee & whiskey.  I am fluent in sarcasm, name that tune, & speak in movie quotes.  I spend most of my time building websites, fixing computers, metal detecting, magnet fishing, and gaming occasionally.

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