Looking For Gold With The GMX In California

We had fun exploring and searching for Gold in California. We may have found some Gold in Quartz.

I’m out, and about I’m so excited I mean California again, I’ve got the new GMX. I’m excited to look for some cold, I’m here with the legend and of course, he can’t wait for me to do my intro he’s already found its target. I’ve got a target on dry, wash pile. Let’s go see. I just want to thank all my new subscribers. Thanks for watching our videos really appreciate it. I have It’s called I’m gonna.

Do I’m gonna spank him it’s in the cap? I think It’s birdshot. Yeah, It’s birdshot, but you got to dig birdshot and did the goal. Sometimes you might find 50 or 100 birdshot for every nugget. You find that’s just real life, yeah we’re all about real life over here. Oh, It’s a little bit windy, but I don’t know if you can see him over there Craig’s over on that hill want private permission. I want to thank you for watching the videos. Let’s go dig. It’s gonna show you how I have my GMX set up.

I’ve got sensitivity, 5 I’ve already grown balanced, and then I lock the ground balanced. I also want to offset my ground balance a little bit, so I push and hold this lock button and then you’ll see this flashing light and I have it on a plus 1. I just like it a little bit better and then I push out again and I’m ready to go. I have the audio boost on b2. It’s what I like. I don’t have any discrimination of tone ID I’ll leave it blank.

So I’m ready to go. I’m sure you want to find on the first target, no matter what it is so There’s my first target piece of 10 is what I’m guessing those numbers. What it is, I’m gonna put you on pause here. I just picked up this. You pick from key and engineering. It’s got a magnet on the top there. This thing’s nice really nicely balanced. So I’m going to use that I’ll turn the video on.

When it’s in the cup and there it is a piece of the lad, beautiful day, really really happy to be out here say if we can find lad, you can find gold. I better find some gold today be fantastic, so It’s got a really nice signal here, like the ground balance, [, Laughter, ], of course, because the nor that I want to find the gold I’m gonna pause you so there it is 22 casing, It’s not old. So changed locations got that 4×6 from the first relic. Look at that It’s kind of cool found a piece of gold love.

You can see that It’s in the courts. Do you see that just right at the top I’ll have to get verification off Jim the color? that’s sweet if it is Oh wish, my luck, There’s another piece. I think I found a gold spill. Do you see it right, yeah, just one? My thumb is, I’m not quite sure. Apparently, when you have quartz and this green stuff was gold, so maybe I’m just imagining it. Let’s hope. I’m not Jim thinks that the pieces I found may have gold in them and I bring him up to my spot and he gets a target.

Oh, but still, if you find a lead, you might find gold been there before you spending time doing things. that’s right. Let’s see it! Oh there, it is all right. Well, I just found another piece on the eyeball and if you can see that It’s pretty rock, I think it might have some gold in It’s pretty cool and today one can go grab some food, beautiful sunset,

Jason Smith

Former Marine, IT Guy & Builder of Websites.  I have 5 US states left to visit. I enjoy hot springs, adventures, hiking, photography, sci-fi, wine, coffee & whiskey.  I am fluent in sarcasm, name that tune, & speak in movie quotes.  I spend most of my time building websites, fixing computers, metal detecting, magnet fishing, and gaming occasionally.

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