Fisher F75 – First Impressions

I took the F75 out for the first time. I am extremely impressed with its responsiveness and options, it is well balanced and easy to use.
If you haven’t looked at Fisher I recommend it!

Hello Spud Diggers – Look what I’m gonna open excited to open this box. Look at this f75 75 years special edition nice! Oh there, it is there. It is nice instructions read this! First, all right put that to one side. No, I better! I better read it, I better, read it all right, I’m pausing! You, okay, I read it. I read it all right, so we have here the main unit, all right, I’m gonna pause it and pull it out. So I’ll just show you inside of the box. This is attention to detail when the part pieces are formed in there to protect your machine.

Now it just goes on top there and it doesn’t get damaged in shipping. that’s that’s nice! Here’S everything that was in the box use a manual a pretty cool special offer. I just got one of those: a couple of shafts big coils, small coil instructions, the main unit which is really nice, and then this is actually a cover for here. I’m gonna put this together. You can see it in action here in a little few minutes. It looks like the batteries just go right in there. It just covers over the top.

I’m excited all right, spud diggers, I’m out I’m at the beach area, uh just pretty much where I was last video. I’ve got the f75, so I’m getting a pretty good signal. There looks like It’s pretty much on the surface. Let’s uh get the pinpointer out, see what it is. Oh, It’s right under the surface right there. Let’s have a look. It’s my first target. I’m doing it live It’s right. There oh come on. What are you still right there? Oh there it is, I saw, do you see it bottle cap, that’s probably why it was bouncing all over the place cool.

They say that you need to metal detect what is like a hundred hours to get used to machine dig. 100 coins for so many days, and I don’t have a hundred hours today, but It’s good just to be out with the machine. It’s it’s It’s one thing. I’ve noticed with it. It’s really really well balanced and It’s it’s not heavy. It’S. It’s got a good balance. It’s not super light. You know two pounds like some of these other machines, but the balance is what I really look for. So It’s really well balanced.

Just have to get used to the different settings. I have it on all metal mode, because I really want to dig every target and I just got here – and that was the first target and let’s see what else I can find all right. So I’ve got a signal right about here, bouncing around a little bit.. Still in that 60s 80s look [, Music, ], I’m not going to do live. Take I’ll I’ll! Show you what it is here in a second! That’S! that’s sweet! It’s a little carabiner little carabiner baby! I’ll! Take that! Oh! It’s still! Oh! No! It doesn’t work neat all right, another target here, It’s a little bit more stable than the last one, two three inches really really nice signal.

Okay, let’s see what that is. It’s right where that footprint is get. The pinpoint now believe that this pin pointer is waterproof down to six feet. It is a pulse, so you to gr, you have to really push it on the ground to ground balance. It’s right there look at that. It’s good! let’s see what it is! Oh there it is dude, I’m the bottle cap king at least. I know that bottle caps are ringing up in that 60s, but that’s cool, on to the next one switched over to discrimination and the way you do that is you just push this menu tab push down on this toggle and then turn it to The right to all metal mode push down turn it just discrimination like that.

Once you’ve got it there press the menu button, then you go into menu. I’ve got sensitivity at 75. Okay, I can adjust it up or down with this little settings button here. Okay, I’m happy with that. Lock it in okay. I’ve got here discrimination level, I’ve left it. I have left sorry. I’ve left it at zero. Okay, I’ve left it at zero. Okay, I can turn up if I want, but I’m just gonna leave it at zero, but then I’ve locked that in notch one number of tones I’ve got it on four processor is default all right. Let’s see, I’ve got a target here,.So we see It’s making a nice tone.

It looks like It’s a little bit deeper, It’s probably under that rock and It’s bouncing between zinc, penny and dime all right. So what I’m gonna do is get the pinpointer out see if it all looks, I’m right about here is where It’s saying I’m gonna pause it there. You have it. I’m the bottle cap king today, oh under caribbean, I suppose angry orchard, so just to remind you with the pen pointer. If you turn it on and It’s faced up in the air, you will get some interference or it doesn’t It’s not as stable, because it is a pulse, pin pointer. You turn it on and point it to the ground.

First, that will then ground balance the pinpoint there and you get. I believe I was watching a video on this. You get four and a half inches of depth. Out of this thing, It’s um It’s a great pinpoint, so I’m excited. So I don’t know if you can see right there pull tab on the surface in the 30s. So that’s a good thing. You know It’s always important to know your machine. I should have really It’s probably another bottle cap, but you’ve got to dig it. I notice There’s a little bit of a grunt to that, so it might be hear that hear that. So maybe that’s you take your time and listen to the tones anyway. I really should have just grabbed a bunch of coins and put them on the ground, yeah interesting.

Let me go see what that is. This is what it was, but interesting. Look at the rust on the other end, so It’s nice that there was a little bit. I don’t know if you could hear that, but there was a little bit of a grunt to it. So that’s cool! Here’S, a target signals good on that. The high 80s. Sorry, high 90S. Let’s see what this is might be something awesome. Let’s hope it is remember point it down. Oh There’s something there. I thought I’ll push around a bit, so maybe that’s it lead target. Oh there, it is there. It is a piece of lead. Let me see: I’m gonna put that up there. I’m gonna put that up there and let’s swing over that see if that was the target.

So let’s see if It’s led bouncing around a little bit. Let me have a look here. Might might be just in there look, let’s have a look I’ll find it there. It is fish and white. I just found a nail. I was ringing seven eight, It’s just right there I wanted to put to here and then, if you hear that listen to this, this is pretty cool. You hear that noise. Listen! that’s telling me that I’m right on top of it, that’s cool! I, like that feature, thought I’d share nail with you: It’s old, that’s cool, okay, spot diggers. This is my last haul. I want to thank all our new subscribers for watching our videos thanks to our existing subscribers. Here we go 21.

So that’s a number I haven’t seen before. So that’s why I thought I’d finish with this see what it is. Oh, It’s right there. What is it? I hope It’s something good. Let’s see! Oh It’s a piece of file. It said file on the machine too, but you never know right, because It’s a new machine and I’m not used with it till next time, happy hunting and good luck thanks again, first impressions of the Fischer f75, I like it, I really do like it. It’s balanced really. Well, It’s not too heavy easy operating, which I like yeah. It’s a great machine.

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