Exploring Some Old Camps In The Mojave Desert – White’s MXT All Pro

Fun times exploring old camps in the Mojave desert! We found some Silver coins and nice relics.

Hi Spud Diggers, want to thank you for watching our videos really really appreciate it. I’m out and about with Craig today, just found this old camp. It’s pretty cool! I want to thank everybody for watching our videos thanks to our new subscribers. It’s pretty windy today.

So if I find something good, please I’m sorry best to shade the wind and I’ll show it. Let’s go dig It’s really windy. This is the best thing I found so far. It’s a grommet. Obviously, somebody was camping out here. We change places. Look what I found on the surface, It’s a coin so last year my goal was to find something military-like I just found it.

The site was on is it’s called desert strike and back in 1942 so that penny I found was a 1940 D which is period. I find this was a big army, training facility area in the desert, and look what I found. It’s got us on. It’s awesome so hit my goal for last year was to find some fun military, and this is fantastic.

I think this year, I’d love to find a button, a military button, and an old Tom back button. So that’s awesome and with Gregg’s luck, II found 58. Nickel roll 49:49 yeah love it. So you just told me that that’s the first silver dime he’s ever found in his life and he’s with this spot in the middle of the Mojave Desert. that’s crazy!

On the surface! Look at this one pretty thin! that’s pretty awesome! Let me see what they are, so the one on the bottom is a 1936 Merc and the one above it or 1949. Roosevelt dime, two times two silvers for the year. that’s fantastic biggest thanks for watching that video. This is my last hole. Look what I found. Let’s go coca-cola on it, that’s fantastic!

Jason Smith

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