Exploring an Old Rail Stop With Jack Tucker (Gold Fever Radio) – MXT All Pro

I love exploring this old rail stop to see what treasures we can find. This rail stop was started in the 1870s and has been metal detected since the 1970s
Many treasures have been found over that time. Let us see what we can find. Token, coin, and relics found!

Hello Spud Diggers – I’m out with Jack from gold fever. Radio, not an old train, stop here near mountain home, where’s, your [ Music, ], hi, spud diggers. He is the first hole, It’s a little bit windy today. So I’m sorry the end a little bit of wind here it is looking at that It’s off an old door handle that’s awesome, probably nineteen-thirties. I think I want to thank all our new subscribers. Thank you for watching the videos thanks to our existing subscribers. Let’s go dig all I was just talking to Jackie. I love finding iron. that’s awesome! These are the targets here.

Let’s go see what is cracking yeah pause. It cuz he’s taken to home. Now, as a ghost signal, we think just go back on overlook for some more Alex look, tak. That was deep, that little coil! that’s awesome! It’s Jack! Oh he’s on something again, let’s hope he’s finding something good, just checking in with Jack what you got. What you got. Oh beans cares, or maybe It’s all pears. I don’t know, that’s cool. Look. What I’ve got you ready go, oh ho ho hold. I did pretty little horseshoe, that’s nice. I would like to see the horse that that was no teeny one.

It’s kind of interesting we’ve got the equinox. It doesn’t pick up that horseshoe at all. I don’t know what he’s got a settings on yeah, but my MXT picked it up. I’m just messing around with it to see. What’s going on, oh there, you go a little bit better all right. I think we figured it out, though we had it fixed, but we don’t still not picking it up. This has to be lit up now. If we figured it out, we had this discrimination on and how we turned it off and now It’s picking it up perfect.

All right look for those There’s a few of them in this area. Oh yes, that’s cool! I’m just checking in with Jack! Look what I found. What do you think it is It’s a prospect it looks like it was on me, like you know, on a hat or on a shirt, the breeze, oh yeah, or a jacket or something maybe that’s – cool, hold railroad spike, not spike. Pin It’s pretty deep down. They’Re. Pretty cool fine right down here, you see right there. It’s round. It’s a bottle. Cap yeah checking in with Jack said, he’s got something: that’s yeah, they’re, pretty hard! that’s cool!

Well done! Brother 19:20 can just barely make the day. Doubt. Look at this ranch he’s just on it he’s doing great well done brother check out his channel Gold Fever, girl fever. Radio is his and listen to the radio. It’s on Spreaker, right, darker, yeah, and then Facebook as well. This YouTube channel is pretty cool too. This is my last hole. Thank you so much for watching our videos, yeah square nail, love, finding square nails till next time. Happy hunting and good luck.

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