Exploring a New Gold Claim in Idaho City – White’s 24k

We had a lot of fun looking for gold at a new gold claim near Idaho City. I was able to use the follow the black sand feature on the 24k and we found a small piece of gold.

Hello Spud Diggers – I’m with Richie Rich heading up to Idaho City. Do some gold, detecting you guys Richie, Rich, lucky Larry, we’re going up to you! Cheers Cheers we’re here in Idaho City just stopped at the rest area. It’s pretty neat you never being up to Idaho City. It’s a really nice place to visit. I want to thank all of our new subscribers.

Thank you so much for watching our videos. we’re going to check out a new gold claim that we have permission to detect. Should be fun, let’s go dig, that’s awesome, so we just came to this river pad and that kid follows the black sand. Where you push and hold this and this flashes – and there was a signal right over there and look what we found a piece of a gold brother just found this nice little piece of a bullet in the river. that’s awesome for a square nail!

Look at that I love finding square nails pretty interesting relic. Look at this he’s got the square nails on. I got a screaming signal right here. It was 93 on the 24k. So to me, I was thinking it’s. Maybe penny are dime, but look what it was. I just can’t believe it. This looks like one of those ball buttons. I think I’ve seen one of those on stealth diggers when I was watching them, yeah wow. That is amazing. I just love it. It’s right.

Over there loads of square nails coming along get a screaming target here, I’m like I’ve got to dig it It’s mid-50s, and look what it is. Yes, see that there see that ant little thing just bit me oh well! I know that I usually finish with an elastic but look at this. This is some gold baby gold, that’s fantastic! I don’t know what it is five pounds. I don’t know what that means, but It’s fantastic thanks for watching our videos till next time. Good luck,

Jason Smith

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