Diamondville 2.0 – Exploring For The Next Diamondville In The Idaho Mountains

We received permission to explore an old mining site in Idaho. We may have found our next Diamondville! Deep in the Idaho Mountains, there is Gold, Relics, and History. We have been looking for a new site to host an event for 2021 and we think we may have just found it.
We found Gold, and some really cool relics.

Hello Spud Diggers – I’m out, and about with Richie rich again we’re up here in Idaho city. We are checking out a secret location for diamondville 2.0. we’re excited, There’s gold, There are relics, There are lots of places to camp, enjoy the video, It’s a beautiful day, pretty excited well, the spud diggers just hit the ground. This is fantastic. Look at this. This is great. I want to thank all our new subscribers.

Thank you for watching our videos. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you to our existing subscribers really appreciate your support. Let’s go dig all right. Spot diggers look who we’ve got lucky: larry mad lux bungalow bill and gold miner, we’re pretty excited we’re going to head up this way. Is that right, guys sounds good. You just joined us. The rock he’s just been slinging some dirt down that gold, guys wow wow 105 gallon buckets wow here guys. Look at this. If you can see it, I’m just. Can I touch it? Okay, yeah. Look at these guys. Look at this piece right!

Where’d it go. You lost it, I lost it. There was a piece of wire gold there. It is there, it is oh yeah, can you see it see if we can zoom in there? This is off my rock that’s off the rock. This is off this piece right. There wow beautiful yeah, There’s a garnet right there, yep wow we’re all going out exploring It’s exciting. Oh you got a good signal. There just hit hit ground, not very deep. Oh yeah, It’s a little bit big. I think that’s a piece of tin. Let’s go find out: oh It’s right! There, I’m excited I’ll show you when I find it.

That’s unusual. Normally square nails don’t ring as high as that, but it looks like it was a square nail. I’m going to recheck the hole just to make sure, but that’s my first target, so It’s so important to recheck the hole. So this is these were the square nails right here and they came kind of out of this area. I’ve rechecked the hole because I thought you know square nails, don’t really ring up as as high as that on the vdi and the tone was a little bit off and look what it came out.

Look at that! It’s my first hole. Oh that’s beautiful! It’s an old snap. I love it. I can’t believe it just found another one. Oh that’s crazy, exactly the same, so that was there, the other one was here not too far away. Oh that’s great! I love finding square nails. that’s beautiful! Getting a really nice high tone next to those square nails looks like some form of rivet. that’s cool such a beautiful day, especially when you find a musket ball.

Wow, that’s awesome! So I think I might have found a dump site lots of tin over there and right here. Look at this. I love it when it has writing on it. I can’t really make it out that much other some writing on the side. There look. Oh that’s neat. that’s a keeper for sure, of course, It’s upside down. I’m sorry! Look at that! Oh I love this. I know you read it, but It’s it’s a soda. Can It’s uh, shasta beverages looks like out of california. USA. Look how cool that is! Rock and sadie hi city, you find anything good bullet and a tang to a tongue to a pitchfork, oh yeah. Let’s have a look see what the rocks found. Oh yeah, that’s awesome.

Oh yeah, those flies man and it looks like a modern, modern type bullet yeah. It does that’s cool yeah just found a piece of a clock, that’s really neat and just about six inches away. There’s the other piece, so the rock he’s using the sdc 2300. Yes, yeah curry found that’s nice. It’s pretty cool brother checking in with the gold miner. Oh nice, can I grab it? that’s sweet look at that. that’s a hold cool! Well done brother! Thank you he’s using the equinox 800. Let’s go check in with bungalow build see if he has found anything he’s checking in with bungalow bill.

Look what he found! that’s awesome: It’s a top off like a coffee pot he’s using the atmax and he thinks he’s found a piece of opium tin yeah. It kind of looks like It’s got. Emboss. You know something in Boston yeah. It really does. I don’t know yeah. It’s got like a punched hole on the right hand, side there, that’s cool buddy top lid. Well, that’s enough! that’s old yeah! It is that’s awesome. Well done! Keep going absolutely beautiful day today, just checking in with mad locks. Look what he found. that’s cool! Some people think it was some sort of candle holder. Hmm, I see that be a cop yeah, some sort of candle holder.

I don’t know It’s gemini. What’s up music, my bluetooth is, I know It’s your bluetooth, but what is the music? Oh manolo sinclair there? You go can’t pronounce the name of the piece. Well, cool, fine brother checking in with lucky larry. Oh, like he’s, got a good signal. There. Oh well, two’s gold on that equinox he’s using the equinox with a small coil saddy can sniff out the gold too get after it see. If I can find it there, you go we’ll we’ll check in with him in a second. So it was a little piece of iron that he found uh.

Where we can tell is if It’s gold, it won’t stick to the pick so see they’re stuck to the pick. Sorry buddy, It’s all right, so the gold miner finds a target number one and of course, lucky larry. He swoops right in with his detector, gets his pinpointer out we’ll get back with you going to teach gold miner how to use the cup and find it find. Your target I’m going to wrap it over the coil and then you make a pile just to yeah. If it is gold, It’s going to fall to the bottom and he’ll do that two or three times and then he’ll rescan, I’m just going to stop it here. I’ll show you, if I find it, we found it It’s a piece of foil. It’s all right! It’s how we learn.

Yeah, It’s great, throw it back down there. Let me go back yep, that’s it good job, guys! Yes, bungalow bell, I found oh wow got some fancy on it. Let me see that oh dears, that’s great back of a pocket watch got a piece of the. It almost looks like silver yeah and a piece of the hinge left on it yeah, and that’s that that’s awesome, brother, that’s a good one! Yeah well done a good one. We like that here’s Richie rich, he said he’s found something awesome. Oh, I found something way: cool wait till you see.

Oh I’m going to pause yeah all right guys. I got some cool stuff. I got this rock. I got to test it. Screams bloody just ring ring ring an old sardine can heavy as heavy can be, but wait. I’ve got more, There’s a lid to something but wait. I got more pieces parts, all sorts. Ah, the beginning. What’s that that’s cool! It goes with this. Oh lantern, that is called now. You know now. You know that if you clean this up, There’s a date most of the time, There’s a date right here, a patent date. I did not know yep.

So that should tell you that should tell you when it was made. Most of them have that that is also, I know, There’s more. That is not the coolest thing of all. I think It’s cool, I got something even cooler. Are you ready? Oh no, come on. Let’s see it, what look at that? What that is part of a flask look at the lion yeah. I see that. Oh, that’s, a powder, flash part of a powder flap, I think so. Yes, it is wow. that’s beautiful! It’s an almost It’s almost as good as this. It’s almost but not quite that is awesome.

Look what the gold miner found part of a shovel the guys have to shoot off. This is uh gold, miners cool bullet. We think It’s a 30 caliber is what we think, and this looks like a 22. This is bungalow builds all his stuff. His favorite find is this one. Here It’s got a little bit of fancy on there. It’s pretty cool mad lux. that’s his favorite find right. There – and we did find a date on this – this is um 18. 59 That is fantastic, Richie, rich well-done brother, and then we’re coming over here.

This is the find of the day. I think that is beautiful, lying in a palm tree and then here’s the rocks items here, big piece of a fork and then There’s my stuff. A soda can we’re debating whether this is off a clock or off a lock and then my musket ball and then larry’s stuff is lucky. Larry is right here, piece of a bullet and that’s it spud diggers. This is the last hall. I want to thank everybody for watching our videos. Look what I found It’s a piece of a boot. That is crazy. Happy hunting and good luck.

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