Adventures With Treasures in America – MXT All Pro

I had a fun day exploring with the team from Treasures in America. We went relic hunting and found a few relics. No coins.

Hello Spud Diggers – I’m hopping about, I’m with Tim Draper and the crew from treasures in America really excited to be here. Let’s go see what we can find: thanks spud diggers for watching our videos really appreciate it. Thank you. Fine! You! Subscribers just got my first target. It’s ringing up, really good. Let’s go see what it is.

Let’s go dig well there. It is first find of the day bullet, not an old one. I got the MXT with the small coil. What I found that’s cool could be like a little cup, a little melting thing, not a quite sure, relic. Oh just drop the relic yeah, so excited. Look at that good eye in the signal. that’s why you’ve got to dig. The iron looks like that was up. Maybe a keep dropping it like a spoon or something like that. Awesome goodness It’s but four inches down. It’s pretty cool. I love finding relics just checking in with the guys some treasures in America, Sean Tim and Antonia Tim.

What he’s found okay, so we found these in some part, pottery shards right here, I would say, definitely goes back to you know the late 1800s Early 1900s yeah. The interesting thing is too, is that when I found out I’m like oh, this is the place guys. This is the one that I found last time and in total it was using. The CDX at the time was a 17 inch double D coil, the smart coil and even when he had an attorney or and even when he put it up in the air like this on the coil, the court in the detector was going crazy.

Right works all over the CDX on the screen, and so he did a sweep. He did it. Everybody did one long there Mele tackier, we found you know some cans. We found some things like that, but I think we were about six inches deep when we found these shards yeah our words so laughter when they started digging. I took the CDX and I did I did a sweep around like like 20 feet. This way 20 feet. This way the whole perimeter and every time I get within that 8 foot of where they are at the the CDX, goes crazy.

I’ve been using the CDX for a year and a half to two years. I’ve never seen it do what it does in that area. Interest and so now we’re finding artifacts are finding trash, we’re finding pottery and the post machines. Let’s go check it out. I’m just checking in with Todd look what he found dead, snake, mmm, good job. I’ve got my snake guards on so we tried out the TDI’s on that spot.

That was making me CTX go crazy and we found some mineralized rocks. Forgot the video I’m sorry, but I was walking along this river and you’ve already seen it look. What I found real nice bullet – that’s awesome. Well spent diggers thanks for watching a little adventure today. This is my last hole. Yeah I thought was on something really good, but no thanks for watching till next time. Happy hunting and good luck.

Jason Smith

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